Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 here we come

Happy New Years everyone!

Although my NYE wasn't filled with so much excitement, its the little things that count. I spent the night at home with my little one watching the infamous ball drop in the downstairs TV room. My fatty fell asleep (while drinking her chechi of course) one minute before midnight! When the time came we gave her some kisses and she had woken up. We went to the front of the house and we were able to see some fireworks. We actually saw some of those hot air sky lanterns, which I'm definitely going to be doing next year.

This past year has had its ups and downs of course.. but the most important and greatest part of the year has been that I've been able to witness my very beautiful and healthy daughter grow up and learn all sorts of new things!

I know 2013 will be even better! I have a few things I want to change and make my "new years resolutions". Hopefully I can stick to them..

New Years Resolutions
1. Get organized! - In every aspect possible; I'm a VERY lazy person and I'm always making excuses no to do or finish anything. So, this is a must for the rest to be a success.
2. Figure out my career - I've recently decided I don't want to be a teacher anymore, so I need to quickly figure something else out and get a move on.
3. Do more fun activities with Haydee - she is getting older, and having her coped up in a room all day isn't fun anymore.
4. Start up an Etsy shop - I opened one up a while ago with my aunt selling bracelets for girls, but never really did anything with it. I got some research done so hopefully I can get it going again and add some more stuff.
5. Keep practicing on my photography - I've always loved to take photos but I get nervous telling people how and where to pose.
6. Work out - I just had to put this one up.. if I get over my laziness I'm sure I can squeeze in at least a few minutes a day to get some exercise in.

..and of course to blog more often.

How was your year? and what New Years resolutions are you working on for this year?

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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