Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bathroom and a Toddler

During our organizing weekend last weekend we also threw out haydees baby tub. My mom convinced me, I'm still not 100% ok with the decision though .. Like if a baby tub is a life changing decision, who am I

I've pretty much always bathed with her. My mom would watch haydee sometimes while I got to shower myself but, it was usually me and her. Sharing a tiny tub with a huge baby tub inside. I wouldn't use the shower head because I didn't want the water splashing on her face and if I was washing my hair I didn't want the shampoo or conditioner to get into her eyes. Soo we took bathes. It was pretty challenging. Washing my hair was always the hardest. I had to stretch my legs over her tub (with her in it of course) or on the sides of it so I would be able to put my head back and wash my hair under the running water. Every time she was near my "chechis" (which would be most of the time..since we are taking a bathe) she would want to drink it.

Other then that it was our little learning spot. I got her those bathtub crayons and I would draw her all the letters and shapes and we would sing the alphabet. She also has this talking, singing, number counting penguin in there. Sometimes when she wasn't in the shower with me id catch myself still singing it.

Having a toddler in the tub with you is not even the whole story. They will be with you outside of the tub also, whether you like it or not. While your peeing or pooping...Ive used the toilet (on both occasions) having to carry her when she was a baby. Id like to say that when she got older it changed, but it didn't. Still, at this age, not even too long ago, I had to nurse her while sitting on the toilet. If she's not actually on or touching me she will be standing or sitting right in front of me trying to have a conversation. And if I close the door on her she will most probably be screaming my name and banging on the door for me to open.

She's a little older and now there's no baby tub. I shower less with her now but there's still times we do it together. Instead of being squished by a tub in the tub, I'm being squished by a little monster trying to sit right next to me while I try to block the tub spout from her. Or she'll want to lay down and "float" so Ill have to plug the tub let it fill a little then unplug it when it starts getting too high. This happens like twice...what a waste of water..probably shouldn't be writing this, my mom will most likely have something to say about it lol

Anyways.... If you have a toddler I'm sure you know that your NEVER alone in the bathroom

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Play Room

For the past year and a half since I came to my moms house me and haydee have been stuck in a tiny room together. A double bed. A changing table turned into a library which is really a clutter collectable. A dresser. A small desk with my computer. A toy chest and a bunch of other toys around the floor.

As much as I clean my room (which would prob only be once a week) it still never seems cleaned...

Right next to my room is the office and since I got here I've been wanting that to be Haydees room. I guess after having a bunch of her stuff around the house they finally realized it was time for her to have a room of her own haha

So this weekend me and my mom did some organizing...or more like throwing away. Threw away a bunch of old towels and linens. Threw away a bunch of old "important files" that aren't so important anymore. Got rid of a filing cabinet and moved the couch downstairs.

With all that extra space in the office now we were able to move a few things into the office from my room. Soo in went the toy chest and in went her library.. All we have left that doesn't belong is the big computer desk and the computer itself.

When we were done we told her that it was her room and she started crying saying no! I said she was going to be a big girl and sleep there soon and again she said noo! That she sleeps with mama in the other room. Haha... We then said that it will just be her play room for now. She lovess playing in her new play room!

I cant wait till I finally am able to decorate the whole room. I have sooo many ideas!

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]