Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing My Life

This was done the weekend of NYE so I was able to start the new year organized, but I never posted about it..

I'm veryy surprised its stayed like this for so long though..

I took out haydee's crib from my room. I just came to terms that she'll probably sleep with me for the rest of her life. Haha. The crib was attracting clutter; my clothes, her clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, books etc. So me and my mom took it apart and put it away.

Viola! Soo clean! (for now..) I try and pick up her toys every night. I sing the "clean up" song and she sings the "inkup" song.. She's too cute!

Then I went to the drawers.. Haydee has the two bottom drawers so she's always opening them and taking everything out. Plus, whenever I'm looking for something for her to wear I look through and move everything around and then just pile everything back in making it all messy.

Soo.. I found this good idea! Folding the shirts next to each other, instead of on top of each other. That way I can see each and every thing. I don't let her open the drawers anymore, but when she's being sneaky and I'm not looking she only gets her Minnie shirts since she's able to see which one's they are. She just lovess Minnie!

Lastly, is my messy corner by the window. Everyone usually has a "junk drawer" well I have a "junk corner", literally. I have haydees changing station (which I've never used) with a couple storage bins filled with baby stuff. Baby books, my mail (prob from like 5 months ago) and old baby clothes that I've been meaning to give away piled on top of the changing station, and lots more junk on the floor next to it.

This corner still has some major improving to do, but it's a start..

I'm hoping to add some paint and decorations in our room soon too. Its a bit boring..

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy =]

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