Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haydee's 1st birthday

andd I'm back..3 months later..

My fatty's birthday was last month and I've been wanting to write about it since I worked SO hard on it!
My lovely father was nice enough to offer to pay for the whole thing. He gave me a budget and I stuck to it. I only had like 3 months to plan this. Good this was that I had already been "pinning" party ideas on pinterest so I knew what theme I wanted; Circus / Carnival. A traditional and fun party theme.

First things first..since I was on a budget I wanted to do this right and not go over. I started my lists (which I love to do), writing down all the stuff I wanted in the party.
Concession stands: cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone
Bounce house
Ticket booth
Candy station
Cute backdrop
Carnival games
and obviously the perfect cake!

I can make this post supper long and go on and on about me making my lists more detailed but I decided to spare you and skip it..

After doing ALL my research I went with Oriental Trading which had SOO many cute things and it went perfect with my theme. Thats where I mostly bought my stuff, some of the other things were from Walmart and Party City.

Project #1
Ticket booth! - This was an absolute necessity!
We went to Home Depot and got some wood..cheap wood of course..which did not work out and had to go back and get some moree wood. Sometimes its not always smart to go the cheap route..but like my dad says, Im a cheapo!

Well we (as in, my dad) cut the wood and I began to paint it. Using the easier route, we decided to get spray paint instead of regular paint. Primer..let it dry..spray..let it dry..spray again..and let it dry again.
All this "letting it dry" took place in the backyard of my dads house. Me not using my noggin didnt realize to bring the wood back inside the house and it got "warped"...whatever that means..
I just know it was a mission to screw all the pieces together. Thankfully, my dad and his best friend are some what handy.

Detailed plans for the ticket booth

Project #2
Backdrop FOR the candy / cake table - This was also a necessity!
Went online to one of my favorite things..Google.. and searched for pvc backdrop. It had great directions..so, I followed it. The next thing to do was find what I wanted to use as the actual backdrop. I thought of getting a plain yellow background (a shower curtain, easy to put through the pvc pipes) with a cute colorful pendant banner...but that didnt happen..
My aunt, whom I call Tria, had just bought a circus themed window curtain...it couldnt have been more perfect!

Project #3
Candy / Cake table - ..you guessed it!..this was also a necessity. How can it not, a party NEEDS a cake, and candy is a great bonus.
I was a bit annoying for this, I admit. The table needed to be a certain size. I started off wanting like 20 different candys..then down to 8..then down to 4..then back up to 6..and only used 5. The bowls needed to be glass and in all different shapes and sizes. The table cloth needed to be polka dot, and not just any polka dot, the RIGHT polka dot! Im sure you get the picture..

Moving on to the day of the party..
We were starting to set up and it started raining..correction, it started pouring!
We were already running late and Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade..(you see what I did there? lol) I couldnt help set up because the birthday girl didnt want to take a nap (of course) and was starting to get cranky.

I wanted to cancel the party...seriously, I asked my mom and sister multiple times to see if it was possible.

By the time I got Haydee and myself ready and back to the park it stopped raining and everyone was there. We made a grand entrance. After saying hi to everyone I went straight to my beautifully done backdrop to take pictures with Haydee in her gorgeous tutu birthday outfit (before she would want it taken off). She was ready for a nap shortly after and when she woke it was time to cut the cake! Everything turned out great, and most importantly my little Haydee Rose had a good time (napping for most of the party..)

Posted a few pictures at the bottom from the party that my lovely Photographer friend, Naike took for me. This is her website: N & M Photography

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy!

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