Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keys Life

Who doesnt just LOVE the Florida Keys

My aunt and uncle used to have a house in Executive Bay Club. We all have a lot of memories there. Ashley, my cousin, decided to rent out a house there for her birthday so obviously we joined her.
Plus it was my fattys first time at the keys!

Well anyways, we had lots of fun! At first it was just us and Ashley with her son ferny. He is a total little fisherman!

Then my sister came down with Branden and Brittany, my other two cousins. We hadnt seen Britt in a longgg time since she goes to school in Tallahassee, so we were excited.

Tiff (my sister), my fatty, and Britt (soon-to-be-Godmother)

There was alot of "first's" in this trip..

First time on a swing.

First time on the beach/sand.

First time eating a strawberry popsicle.. lol

We all went to Robbys to feed the tarpons. It was soo cool. We used to do this when we were younger but for some reason I thought this time was way cooler. Maybe I never actually fed them when I was little becuase I was scared lol

Then of course we relaxed in the pool..

I Love this picture. They dont look great in it, but I love when they spend "daddy-daughter time"

Unitl next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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