Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fathers Day

late as usual..

Fathers day was a few weeks ago and we decided to go to Rapids Water Park for the day becuase they were doing a promotional event where fathers get in free. We went with Jeremy's side of the family which was awesome because we hardly see them. Jeremy DID have to pay though. Apparently you needed to pay for your child's ticket and since Haydee did not need to pay, he had to. SUCKED! That right there was basically $100 down the drain. I promised jeremy that I wasnt going to stress about the money and just have fun.

Good thing there was someone in the group that also had a baby. She was a week younger then my fatty. We hung out by the wave pool for a bit then went to the kiddie section where there was a floating alligator, hippo and a giant crab.

WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! Although there was like 4 life guards around the area, there was a little boy basically drowning! I saved his life of course =] I found his parents and they didnt even thank me! RUDE...some people really shouldnt have kids.

I was planning on hanging out on the lazy river the whole time but Haydee wasnt having it. She was extremely fussy and wanted to nap now! I tried breastfeeding her on the tube (yes, I breastfeed anywhere) so she can fall asleep, but it wasnt working. There were waterfalls throughout the "river" that were wetting her and she was getting pissed.

While everyone else went on riding rides I hung out on the lounge chairs putting my fatty to sleep. She was knocked out for TWO hours! That NEVER happens! I took advantage and tanned for a few, then Jeremy's grandma and aunt were nice enough to watch the baby so I can have some fun myself.

After running around for a few we were all tired. We hung out in the kiddie pool again for a bit and Jeremy finally took some pictures with Haydee.

Although I did not hang out with MY dad on fathers day I had a fun time. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! I LOVE you more then you think!


Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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