Monday, January 13, 2014

Haydee's TWO!

Happy New Years!! know, I’m only 13 days late. Not too bad.

Another year has passed by literally a blink of an eye. I’m either getting old or I’m having way too much fun with my munchkin to notice the time go by. Hoping it’s the later.

Haydee is soo big already. The “big” T-W-O…more commonly known as the “terrible twos”. I never notice how big she’s gotten until I look at old pictures and realize how much she’s changed. Mostly that she has hair now! She used to be sooo bald and for what seemed like forever but now I look at her and she has a full head of CURLY hair. I never would of thought my daughter would have curly hair.. I had pin straight hair when I was little and now I try to curl it and it wont even last me an hour. It could be that I just suck at doing anything girly though..

I love looking back on old pictures and reminiscing on old memories. I have a horrible memory so I count on them. I don’t even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. No, seriously, I don’t. Sometimes pictures aren’t enough though and that’s why I like writing on this blog. Which I should be writing on it more often but, I’m lazy and rather just lay down and watch shows during nap time.

So anyways, instead of my blabbing (or typing) away ill get to the point and write Haydee’s 2nd year update on what she knows and is into.
-She knows all her shapes
-Can count to 11
-Can draw somewhat of a circle
-Can sing her abc’s and her “elemeno” is hilarious. She can also identify most of her letters.
-She knows all her princess’s and the known Disney characters. Yeup, we are Disney fans!
-She loves to do flips on the bed and walk on the “beam”/curb when we are out.
-Loves to do puzzles which is very frustrating to watch since she grabs and puts the pieces in their spot extremely slow
-Icecream. That word is spelled out in my house because once she hears it she goes crazy. Her favorite is chocolate and coffee (don’t ask).
-Cookies, another spelled out word in the house or anywhere we go. She absolutely loves them. The true cookie monster.
-Hide n seek is a favorite game of hers. Although, she’s not the best player since she’ll end up telling you where she’s hiding at its really funny to watch.
-She lovess to sing! I think she knows more songs then I do. A song for each Disney princess, a bunch of nursery rhyme songs, etc. Santa brought her a microphone this Christmas and she loves it! Basically eating the microphone as she sings (or screams) into it so you can barely understand her but you cant help but keep listening.
-Talking up a storm. Literally, sometimes this little girl does not just shut up for a few.

Those are just a few things I quickly remembered..

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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