Sunday, June 9, 2013

Im Back!

My New Year's resolution of blogging didn't even last a month..I have an excuse though. Ive been taking school this semester seriously, so Ive actually been studying instead of googling answers. Although the semester started a month ago so I don't know how much of an excuse that really is lol..

Anyways speeding up.. Ill post some pics on a couple things you've missed out on.

A trip to Disney for my birthday with my lovely Disney partners Ashley and little Ferny

Another trip to Disney with the fam on my dads side. Haydee got her first hair cut there, it was awesome! They gave her a bunch of Mickey stickers, a little pouch to keep her hair that they cut, Mickey ears that say "My 1st Haircut", and a certification! ... I also got into making fabric appliques for a few and ended up making all of our Mickey shirts that we wore.

These are some more fabric appliques I made..I wanted to make more and possibly sell them but I just suck at keeping up with a project..I never did anymore..

We went to the Miami Zoo and had a blast looking at all the animals. We even rode a camel and fed a rhino, Haydee wasn't scared at all!

For Easter we went to a egg hunt in Coral Gables and Haydee "found" her first egg!

Yeup..another trip to Disney. This was a suppper last minute trip with my Disney partners. We got to Orlando at night and went straight to the park because Magic Kingdom was open late. Best time to go! No people, no lines. We got out new annual pass cards and I picked Minnie Mouse. The next day we went to Epcot to see the Flower & Garden Festival. So amazing how they can make all of that...I'm not sure if everyone knows but Epcot has some games inside that are really cool called "Wheres the Fire" and "The Great Piggy Bank Adventure", If you have never played them you need to. They're supper fun!

Our first beach day of 2013

and finally our first time going to Gymboree Play & Music. We went with a friend of mine from high school that also had a little girl. It was pretty neat, but it will probably be the last time I go. They're prices are a bit much for my taste.

Well until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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