Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Of course I'm late on my second blog..

Well, memorial weekend just passed and it was Haydee's first time in the pool! We all went to my aunts house and ate ALOT of food..We might as well be Italians becuase every time we go over there it ends up being a feast!

Its pretty usual for it to rain here on memorial weekend but, the sun was shining and there was no signs of clouds..yet. So off went the clothes and on went the bathing suit, that looked oh' so cute on my fatty! Bathed her in sun block, blew up the floaty and we were ready to go.

how cute does she look here!!?

She was a bit confused at first. But it might have been all the people starring, screaming and clapping their hands at her...we got a little excited. But once she got comfortable with the help of ferny, my little cousin, twirling her around n around. She eventually started splashing and kicking her little feet underwater.

After almost ripping off my bathing suit top like a 'hungry hungry hippo' it was time for a break. We changed and fed her, then it was time for a nap. Trying to take advantage, I decide to get some sun since I'm as white as a piece of paper..
..seriously look how white.

Well, that didnt last to long considering there was a water balloon fight going on and an uncle eager to soak me. Then it started to rain and fatty woke up after her usual short cat nap of less then 30min so I was out of luck.

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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