Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Quick Blast From The Past

This is just some quick info about how it all started.
Not so much in detail because then we’d be here foorrever!

2/9/11 was when I found out I was pregnant. Those two blue lines were there in seconds! Even though I was only 21 and had a bf of only (almost) 2 years, I was still pretty happy. My family..not so much, atleast at first they werent. My pregnancy was awesome! I had no sickness, which was great. Hardly no cravings, no swolleness, no nothing, it was like I wasn’t even pregnant. Sometimes I thought it was kind of well,..booring. I WANTED the symptoms to happen!

On October 3, 2011 labor came around and also went great! Got my epi as SOON as I can and didnt feel not one thing! After 1hr and some minutes pushing Haydee Rose decided to make her grand entrance.

Like any mother would say, "She was the most beautiful thing on this earth!" but, I can honestly say (now) that she did look a little bit like an alien..for atleast the first month. NOW, she is the most GORGEOUS thing on this earth! Dont you agree?!

My fatty (my usual nickname for her), is almost 8 months now and is definitely a handful! She likes to be held (standing of course!) and has MAJOR mommities! But what mom doesnt love that, I surely do. She is still mainly breastfed (with 6 teeth!..OUCH!). She has a little bit of solid foods. She does NOT take a bottle or a paci so its pretty hard soothing her when shes mad. Keeping an eye or two (or three) on her is a must because shes got her "scooting" crawl down pact! And shes fast!

Yes, Im one of those moms that STILL sleeps with her baby. I know how much people say that its horrible / dangerous and what not but, I love it and it works GREAT for me. And honestly, I dont care what people tell me. My method: nod, smile and ignore. Roll your eyes all you want! (no offense mom, love ya!)

Well, thats pretty much it for now. Hope you enjoyed my first blog ever! Ill try writing every now and then..hopefully I dont forget. =]


  1. That's AWESOME. Sometimes I can't belive my little girl is so grown up. I am very proud of the woman and mother you have become. Keep that baby safe and love her as much as you can cuz they don't stay small very long. And don't let anyone tell you how to raise her (not that you listen anyway). Love you very much, Dad