Monday, February 17, 2014

V Day Activites

Its Valentines day this week and I came up with a few activities to do with Ms. Haydee.

I started doing my service hours at the school my aunt teaches at and she told me to help her come up with a valentines day craft for her kindergarteners. We decided on having them glue construction paper pieces together that would end up making a heart. Then they would write what they thought a friend was on the inside of the paper. So the day before (since I’m such a procrastinator) I cut a bunch of tiny construction paper pieces in all the colors. I had haydee try it out first. She glued pieces on the heart outlined paper and placed them on the paper. I of course had to help her to stay inside the lines. On the inside I typed up a little note and had her trace it. Since it was small I helped her. 

I saw a valentine pattern using the little candy hearts but, instead I used valentine colored M&Ms since I would be using them to make our cookies (keep reading). I cut up construction paper in pink, red and white circle pieces to match the M&Ms and glued them in a pattern. I told her she needed to guess what color came next and placed a bunch of the different colored M&Ms next to the paper. At first she would put the same color that was next to it. I then started singing her the pattern like: “RED RED pink RED RED pink”…”pink red WHITE pink red”… I’m totally guessing that your able to sing it like me when I write it like that haha… Anyways, when we would say it out loud together she would tell me the right color that belonged next but not always pick the right one. Practiced a few more times then she was able to understand it… I want to do more pattern activities with her. I gatta remember that.

 On valentines morning I made some yummy pancakes. Made a regular box of pancake mix and separated the batter into two. Coloring the smaller half with pink food coloring. She loved how they came out.

Later on that day we made some yummy Vday cookies! I put all the ingredients on separate little bowls on our table and had her sit on top as well. She put in the butter pieces, poured all the dry ingredients and added the M&Ms and chocolate chips. Eating a few for herself. I made a little 15s video that I put up on Insta that I will add here also. She really enjoyed cooking and helping me and seeing how they came out at the end.

Until next time,
Your favorite Mommy! =]

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